The 2012 Calendar (No longer available)

Check out the Dead Memories in our 2012 calendar, and then share some of your own! This year’s memories include: Corno’s Food Market, Storybook Lane at Alpenrose Dairy, Hung Far Low’s “Stairway of Drunken Death,” The Big Bang’s rock, punk and new wave clothing store, and more!

January – The Pagoda – NE 39th & Broadway

February – Farrell’s & The Speck
on NW 21st and Burnside

March – Corno’s Food Market 
on SE MLK Blvd. 

April – Hamburger Mary’s on SW Park Ave.,
Rock n Roll Fashions, Crocodile Records, Wyland Mural

 May – The Heck Harper Show
KGW 1961
 June – Let’s Go Bowling

Grand Central Bowl’s Lost Mosaic
SE 8th & Morrison 

July – American Legion Convention 1965
Old Bus Depot Sign, Western Airlines, Meier & Frank
SW 6th St. Looking North, Downtown Portland

August – Blitz Weinhard Beer Explosion
NW Burnside

 September – The Big Bang Rock, Punk, New Wave Store
SW Park Ave., Downtown Portland

 Oct – Hung Far Low’s “Stairway of Drunken Death”
Chinatown, NW Portland

Nov – The Carnival Drive-In Restaurant
SW Sam Jackson Parkway

December – Rusty Nails, Human Cannonball – G’ Bye Folks!



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One Response to The 2012 Calendar (No longer available)

  1. clark handprints December 28, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

    What an awesome idea!
    Someone recently mentioned Van Calvin’s Mannequins and that reminded me of Import Plaza, Django’s Records, Escape From New York Pizza (across from the Galleria)…sigh.
    When did I get so old?
    Thanks for your all your work.

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