Blitz Brewery Blows Its Top

The two men on top of the Blitz Weinhard Brewery are trying to control the Blitz beer geyser. On occasion, when days were warm, “Mt. St. Henry’s” would blow its top, showering those below with beery goodness. This photo was taken in September 1982. The brewery was located on west Burnside St. The KKEY Building is in the foreground. This image is featured as “Miss August” in the Dead Memories 2012 Calendar. Photograph ©Tom Robinson


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2 Responses to Blitz Brewery Blows Its Top

  1. Barbara August 22, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    My Dad, Grandfather and Uncles worked for Blitz combined for close to 40 years. I spent many happy times here as a kid. While I now live clear across the country, Oregon and Portland will always and forever be home. My cousin showed me this site and I have looked around and have seen many many things I remember as a child.


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